Candyspace deliver on promises and have contributed massively to the success of the Hub. We go from strength to strength

ITV but not on TV

We've been ITV's strategic technology partner for over eight years. Delivering their rich channel offering through an optimised, bespoke mobile and tablet experience. Most recently, we were integral to ITV Hub's launch. They asked: "Apart from putting all ITV in one place, what else can you do?"

Here are some of our answers: live streaming; downloads on iOS (we were an early adopter, working closely with Apple); Fair Play encryption; Chromecast with cross device compatibility (Candyspace was Google's first European partner); notifications; live preview; last-watched; recommendations; HLS playback; age-gated content.

"Can you make it make money, as well?"

How about just-in-time VAST compliant video advertising; click-through support on all ads; sponsorship; sophisticated ad inventory tracking and reporting? We even helped develop Hub+. Making ITV the world's only TV streaming service with an ad-free option.

In it's first year, ITV Hub apps were installed over 30 million times, with 17 million registrations including 50% of all UK 16-24 year olds. Viewing was up 44%, Live TV grew 53% and ad inventory increased by 50%.

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Some big numbers

ITV Hub has been a massive success across all platforms. The numbers speak for themselves.

The massive increase in live viewing across devices in the first year of ITV Hub.

The huge number of new registrations in just the first year of ITV Hub.

The amazing percentage of all UK 16-24 years olds who have registered to ITV Hub since launch.

Candyspace deliver technical excellence, real business focused solutions and an experience loved by our users.